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Boat moorings in the Barwon River are available in the mooring field provided by Parks Victoria and Barwon Coast, between the Ozone Road beach at the southern end and the beginning of the mangroves just north of Geelong Road at the northern end of Barwon Heads.

The mooring field is administered by the moorings officer of the Barwon Heads Sailing Association (BHSA) whose contact details are available on the Committee page.

How to become a mooring holder?


  1. Contact the BHSA moorings officer to check the availability of moorings.

  2. Join the Barwon Heads sailing club as a full member. Moorings are not available to social members.

  3. The moorings officer will allocate you a mooring location.

  4. The moorings officer will provide you with your mooring kit consisting of stainless steel chain, swivels, shackles, float, and number tag. The current cost for a mooring kit is $120.00.

  5. You must install your mooring kit as instructed by the moorings officer.

  6. Attach your boat to the mooring.

  7. The moorings officer will attach a number tag to your boat which corresponds to the number tag on your mooring.

What is required of a mooring holder?


  1. Moorings are available for use from 1 September through to the 31 May. All boats need to be removed from their moorings for the winter months. The club does not have land-based boat storage facilities.

  2. Regularly inspect your boat and its mooring gear for any damage or wear and tear while it is on its moorings.

  3. Ensure your boat is not taking on water.

  4. Ensure any loose items are stowed away securely and can’t blow away.

  5. Ensure furling sails are furled tightly and preferably lashed with rope, as strong winds can unfurl these sails and destroy them.

  6. Ensure all halyards are tied away from the mast, preferable to the bow and stern, to avoid them banging on the mast in strong winds.

  7. Where possible come and inspect your boat during and after strong wind events.

The moorings officer is generally a resident who resides on the river and can maintain a casual lookout over the mooring field. They may contact you from time to time if your boat requires attention.

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